Freedom Focused Seminar

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Learn what it takes to become a Freedom Focused business,
and start your journey to greater personal and professional FREEDOM!

Who Should Attend?

Small business owners who are...
  • Tired of struggling to create greater team alignment and engagement
  • Burned out and stressed managing the day-to-day operations of their business
  • Dreaming of more time spent away from the business, with family and friends doing non-work activities they truly enjoy
  • In search of much greater freedom personally and as a business owner

What You'll Learn

  • The “four levels of freedom” at which small businesses operate, and why most small business owners never make it to the highest level, “Freedom to Exit”
  • Why and how a “freedom focused” business is more valuable and creates more freedom for the owner
  • The four key elements necessary for small businesses to become “freedom focused” along with concrete steps that every business can take to reach “Freedom to Exit”
  • A basic, but extremely important secret to maximizing a business owner’s freedom
Attendees will be eligible for a free business assessment to determine where their business is great and where it can become even better in just 90-days!
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What Are People Saying?

“Daran is a life changing coach and very inspirational. He has provided me with a blueprint for exactly how to structure my business for success and future exit. His guidance has saved me years of lesson learning and money.” - Joseph Reyes

“Daran has a unique gift to communicate complex business struggles and opportunities in a clear actionable way.”- Matthew Gardner

“In just 60 minutes, Daran explained how to make core values more than just a catch phrase or icon on your home page, but instead a fundamental ingredient in the long-term strategy of your business. 10 out of 10! I would recommend him/his presentation to any business owner / decision maker.”- Francesca Zunzucchi

“This presentation is what every owner and manager needs, especially if they are struggling with their approach to managing their team.” - Rebecca Smout

"Daran is an amazing speaker with a talent for delivering information that is digestible and entertaining. He has the ability to teach from a different angle with different viewpoints. I would highly recommend anyone to sign up for one of his classes as he is clearly an expert with a passion to teach!" - Brian Tardif

“This presentation is a must see for every new startup or existing business. It will help you realize how important planning is and where it can take your business.”- Tricia Bond