High-Performance Mastermind Workshops

Operating as a High-Performance Organization requires that organizations and their leadership know the answers to the basic questions of who are you? what do you stand for? and why do you exist? If no one knows the answers to these questions, then how can the organization expect to gain the full trust and engagement from the team and inspire loyalty internally and also externally with clients? The best run, most efficient, and most inspiring organizations know the answers.

Take-Aways: Draft Your "WHY" Statement

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With the excitement generated from knowing your WHY, participants in Daran's teachings will turn their attention to the Core Values Discovery process, integrating fresh information from their WHY Discovery, adding action statements to each Core Value, and elaborating on what each Core Value means for the organization so their teams have a deeper understanding of how to apply the Values to the work they do in support of the organization's Vision.

Take-Aways: Identify Core Values and Draft Detailed Core Value Statements

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If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. To ensure you know where you are going, begin with the creation of a high-level Vision for your organization using your WHY and Core Values. To ensure a trajectory that will ensure the organization is moving towards achieving the Vision, you should implement a High-Performance Goal Setting process and create a Vision Statement which describes, in detail, the future state of the organization when it has achieved the Vision.

Take-Aways: Identify Vision, Long-Term and Medium-Range Goals, and Draft Detailed Vision Statement

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Alignment of Team members is absolutely essential to a High-Performance Organization. Use simple "data driven" recruiting and hiring processes that allow you to reduce the guesswork in identifying and interviewing candidates that are in alignment. Integrate your vision into meetings, performance reviews, and other processes to enhance and maintain alignment throughout the organization and learn ways to extend this alignment to clients as well.

Take-Aways: Learn About Data-Driven Recruitment and Team Alignment, Create Job Listing, Interviews, and Performance Reviews for Value Alignment

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Workshops are offered in a “mastermind” group format and also in a One-on-One format tailored exclusively for a single organization. If this is of interest to you, please contact Daran to discuss the One-on-One option and how it can work best for your organization.

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