"With a clear vision and well-defined core values, excitement and enthusiasm for the work we do can be the norm rather than the exception, our work can be an inspiration rather than a drag, and it can create fulfillment rather than be a drain."

"Daran is an amazing speaker with a talent for delivering information that is digestible and entertaining. I would highly recommend anyone in this field to sign up for one of his classes as he is clearly an expert with a passion to teach!"
Brian Tardif, Chief Building Official (Seminar Attendee)

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About Daran Wastchak

Daran is a small business performance coach, author, and professional speaker. He recently sold the company he owned for nearly 20 years which provided residential energy efficiency and building science consulting for home builders and multifamily developers in Arizona. Since the sale of his company, Daran has been teaching small business owners how to create greater freedom within their business by becoming “Freedom Focused,” which reduces the stress, burnout and resentment felt by most entrepreneurs. Daran shares his message of greater freedom with small business owners and their teams through seminars, workshops, one-on-one coaching and in 2020, with his new book, “Freedom Focused, Freedom to Exit.” Daran brings to his teaching, writing and speaking over 20-years of experience in business, as a member of non-profit boards of directors, and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Public Administration and Policy from Arizona State University.